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Welcome to our website! The mission of Trinity Leadership Products is to Empower Christian Leaders to achieve their individual Godgiven vision. We seek to accomplish this through our: 

Trinity Leadership Products now offers this part-time BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management training under the auspices of Unity College Australia RTO 6330, VFH Provider 7372 . 

First Love Discipleship Series: which is written in a simple, easy-to-follow style with key points given to enhance both personal study and group discussions, and is filled with real life stories and illustrations which bring the Scriptures alive. The series has been used by churches in Australia, Canada and Ireland, and is designed for believers of all age groups and all experiences.

Leadership books and companion seminars are also filled with real life stories and illustrations dealing with the intricacies of leading an organization through transformational change, growing and developing future leaders, strategic leadership and leadership-as-a-partnership. Since 2001 we have conducted leadership seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Germany, and Uganda. 



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