Dr Tony Keys is an inspirational speaker who has given his life to teaching and preaching the word of God and empowering Christian leaders. He has experience in strategic leadership and managing non-profit organisations, with his executive and leadership roles ranging from pastoring, establishing and managing Bible/tertiary colleges (from which over 100 graduates have gone into full-time ministry, working in eight different countries including Australia), as well as co-founding a Christian school. Tony has traveled extensively throughout the world, preaching, conducting seminars and meeting with pastors and leaders in a consulting role.


Tony is a prolific author, having published a series of Bible study books titled the First Love Discipleship Series, four books on leadership, and a verse-by-verse study of the Book of Revelation, as well as a Detailed Explanation of the Book of Romans. He has degrees in biblical/theology, education and leadership/management, and is a firm believer in maintaining ongoing education and professional development.

Tony and his wife Robyn are passionate about developing leaders and helping others to succeed, and so he enthusiastically continues to conduct seminars and preach God’s word. They are involved in conducting leadership seminars and Bible teaching with different missionary organisations.

Tony is available as a guest speaker for Sunday services, conferences, seminars, ministry retreats and training. As a guest speaker, Tony’s desire is to support and build-up the church in which he is ministering and therefore he is very happy to speak on any topic that supports your church’s vision .

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